The Odra-Warta Defence Line

Guide to Mysterious World of Underground System and its Inhabitants,

booklet DIN A4 including a map DIN A2

Petr Suchánek et. al.

English, Polish,Czech,German,1st edition 2010

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Since almost two years Czech bunker explorer Petr Suchánek and his team are charting, drawing and taking pictures for a precise documentation of the underground facilities of Ostwall. They plan to publish their work results in irregular intervals.


Recently the first booklet has been released. It deals with the Boryszyn Loop (Artillery Fortress No.5).


A highlight is the map sized DIN A2 with the exactly measured footprint of the Boryszyn Loop:

footprint of the boryszyn loop
footprint of the boryszyn loop

Many explanations also include news for expert readers – for example did you know that the ammunition galleries are very different in length or that there is a double turn in the drainage tunnel? The many photographs always contain a small map showing the exact location where the picture has been taken:


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